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Adison High School believes in providing high quality education with little burden on your pockets!

Details of our Financial Aid and Scholarship Program and other fee reducing methods are provided below:

1. Financial Aid
The Adison High School grants financial aid to the applicants based on their financial/socio-economic status. The School’s Financial Aid Program (AHFAP) lets you qualify for a 10-15 % fee-cut on the total diploma package. This financial aid program is applicable to different people like:

  • Working Adults
  • Job Seekers
  • Home Education Students
  • Veterans
  • Military Officials

2. Scholarship Program
Adison High School takes pride in acknowledging outstanding students and giving scholarship to all its eligible candidates. If you pass the test with an outstanding score, you will be eligible for a 10- 15% fee-cut on the total application fee.

3. Students Referral Program
You can always refer as many students to Adison High School as you want. If you bring in more than 5 students, you will be considered as the High School affiliate and will be eligible for a 10% fee-cut on all your referrals.

4. Seasonal Discounts
Seasonal Discounts let you enjoy an exclusive cut-off price from 10-15 % on the total tuition fee. Currently, seasonal discounts are offered for a limited time period.

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For any Questions/Comments Call us Toll Free. We are Open 24 hoursFor any Questions/Comments Call us Toll Free. We are Open 24 hoursFor any Questions/Comments Call us Toll Free. We are Open 24 hours
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