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Homeschooling is no longer a new concept. More and more parents are taking a decision to home- schooling and taking control of their children’s education. Today more than about three million children are being homeschooled and to assist them, Adison High School offers the best mode of homeschooling.

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Why Adison High School is the Best Mode of Homeschooling?


  • Work and study at own pace!
  • Globally recognized and accredited by the International Accreditation Committee of Online School (IACOOS)
  • A faculty of 1000 student counselors available 24/7
  • Updated versions of e-books
  • Complete lifetime online and offline credential verification service to your employer or educational institution.

For any Questions/Comments Call us Toll Free. We are Open 24 hoursFor any Questions/Comments Call us Toll Free. We are Open 24 hoursFor any Questions/Comments Call us Toll Free. We are Open 24 hours
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